Today marks a beginning for me–this is my first blog (or at least an introduction to blogs yet to come). The bigger news is that this is the launch of my website and the business that it announces. After 30+ years in education, I’ve decided to test the waters of entrepeneurship. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving my day job just yet, but I am hopeful that this will turn into a business that will carry me through retirement.

When you visit my website you’ll see there are three main service areas on which the business will focus–faculty support, elementary classroom support and workshops. I want to use my years of experience and my degree in educational psychology to focus on helping teachers–whether in the elementary classroom or the college classroom–to hone their skills and to create classrooms that are learner-centered.

We know so much about how the brain processes information and about which strategies produce the greatest gains in student learning, yet our classroom instruction, particularly at the collegiate level, hasn’t changed that much in over 50 years. More and more money is spent on education each year with little to no gain in student scores. We can bemoan the current high-stakes testing environment all we want, but the truth of the matter is that students aren’t learning because many teachers aren’t utilizing their craft effectively.

According to Dylan Wiliam, “changing what teachers do is more important than changing what teachers know,” yet teachers are not given the time nor the support to change and/or perfect what they do. I’d like to change that. I’ve created this business to support teachers in their goals for improvement, so if you know a teacherĀ (or if you are that teacher) who wants/needs help, send him or her my way.