Elementary Classroom Support

Are you feeling defeated as a teacher? I can help with that. Do you struggle with classroom management? I can help with that. Would you like support in learning and using more engaging instructional strategies? I can really help with that!! After 20 years of supporting pre-service teachers, I’d like to use that experience to help you become the best teacher you can be. Here’s some of what I can do to support you:

  • meet with you to discuss your areas of weakness/frustration
  • observe you teach in order to offer some feedback
  • work with you to set realistic, attainable goals
  • help you create an action plan to submit to your principal
  • model various strategies for you in the classroom (I currently hold a Florida K-6 professional teaching certificate)
  • support you in the classroom as you practice the strategies
  • meet with you weekly to offer feedback and tweak the plan
  • release my support as you grow confident in utilizing the strategy
  • monitor you on a monthly basis as you continue to grow in your ability to utilize the strategies and meet to offer feedback
  • release you when you have accomplished your goals